KIDDYMATH Summer Fun Class (Online and Physical)

Promote to Primary 1–6

(A) Star Advanced Class (Total 16 lessons)
(B) Foundation Class (Total 16 lessons)

Class Description:
• We provide mixed question sets of mathematics from Hong Kong and Singapore curricula. Questions in our exercise sets are written in Chinese and English. Students have more exposure to different situations in daily life.
• Assessment provided for every new student. Based on the result, suitable grades of tailor-made exercise sets can be arranged.
• We provide interesting and funny games, e.g., speed calculation, daily life calculation, and elite challenge.
• Review the learnt concept and prepare the curriculum for the next semester.

Course Fee (For the entire course):

- HK$3,200 / CAD 520 plus tax

(16 lessons for Star Advanced Class)

- HK$3,200 / CAD 520 plus tax

(16 lessons for Foundation Class)