Mathematics Self-Group and Private Class (Online and Physical)

Class Description:
• Focus on day school and public examination. Exam-typed examples are discussed to consolidate the mathematical knowledge.
• Interactive discussion and sharing of the content and ideas of mathematics with students.
• Small-scale learning groups of max 7 students. Students who come from the same school and the same grade are welcome.

Course Fee (per person for 4 lessons):


Whatsapp/Text/Wechat us for details

- 2 persons group

HK$1,800 / CAD 300 plus tax

- 3–4 persons group

HK$1,400 / CAD 230 plus tax

- 5–6 persons group

HK$1,080 / CAD 180 plus tax

- 7 persons group

HK$960 / CAD 160 plus tax